Customer Experience

If you want to bring your customer satisfaction to the highest level both before and after sales, Ikarus Global team are with you for any technical support in this field.

Translation and Localization

We know the importance of speaking the same language wih your customers and your target audience. So we try to move forward your brand further with our multilingual and multi-national


We know the importance of a quality design, a correct visual language. We work hard as Ikarus Global to provide your corporate identity with the most appropriate designs for your target audience.

Your needs are our expertise!

What are we doing?

To our esteemed companies we provide balanced and high quality outsourcing in many different areas. In this way, we aim to bring you together with the most professional and low cost services by moving you out of the office walls.

How do we do?

As Ikarus Global, we offer the services that your company needs with our professionals and team leaders. Together with our team, we are trying to get to know you and your needs in the best way, because we believe that the better we know you, the better we can present you.

Who are we work with?

We work with experts and experienced professionals. We offer the best quality service for your needs with our team members who are fed from different languages ​​and different approaches.

Why Ikarus  Global?

We are aware of the fact that companies need services that are not in their own structure. We know that companies are seeking professional services especially in areas such as customer service, translation operations and social media management.
With hundreds of freelancer team members within Ikarus Global, we offer these services in a quality way.

What we bring to companies?

• Time
• Quality Service
• Result Oriented Approach
• Effective Marketing Approach
• Cost Gain
• Regular Report Tracking
• Professional Support
• Expert Staff