Icarus’s story is a work of Greek mythology that has always managed to fascinate its audience. Especially the passion of Icarus that crosses the boundaries of the human body and the tragic coincidences that this passion brings with it, place Icarus in a distinct point in the world of mythology.

Jealousy of Daedalus

ikarus efsanesi ve dedalus

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus as they are told in books, tells a father and his son’s escape story from behind bars where they are trapped in the island of Crete by using their wings.

Icarus’s father Daedalus is a quite successful architect and inventor. Daedalus, who created the best architectural works of his period, is also known for his sharp and practical mind. Daedalus, who lives and works in Athens, has a very clever and quite talented nephew named Talos. It is even told that this young boy will overcome his uncle with his skills. This young talent highlights the extremely jealous character of Daedalus.

Athena’s Merciful Hand

ikarus efsanesi ve dedalus

One day, the uncle and his nephew begins to climb upwards to visit the Acropolis. During this climb, Daedalus succumbs to his jealousy and pushes his nephew down a cliff. Some also narrate that this child is Perdix, the son of Daedalus. It is not known whether it is Perdix or Talus, but everyone agrees that Goddess Athena is acted without caring who he is. Athena, who turned him into a bird to prevent this talented boy from smashing to the ground brutally, saved this young boy’s life. Since then, it is also a part of this legend that this bird is known as partridge.

Even though it is not certain who the victim is, this does not change Daedalus’s murderous act in the eyes of the judges, and the Athens Supreme Court convicts him of murder and sends him to the island of Crete to serve his sentence.

Exile of Daedalus

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King Minos was the ruler of the island of Crete at that time. Daedalus, who finds a job as an architect in the Knossos Palace where the king lived, can’t get out of trouble in here either. He falls in love with the king’s slave mistress Naucrate and marries her. The couple has a child called Icarus, but this boy embitters King Minos’ hatred for Daedalus, who stole his mistress from his hand.

The king who pissed the Gods in advance has a half-child half-bull kid known as the Minotaur. He was punished in this way. He gives Daedalus the task of building a place that can imprison the Minotaur as punishment. Constructing this place as a maze, Daedalus works for months and emerges a very complex labyrinth with dozens of twists. This maze, where it is impossible for a human to not to get lost, is the new home of Minotaur. The Minotaur who placed in the center of the labyrinth has been moved to a secluded point. But there was a new problem. How will the Minotaur be fed?

And One Day a Hero Emerges

For the monster, 7 young women and 7 young men from the surrounding cities are gathered into the maze. The people begin to rebel against this situation and then a hero emerges who volunteers to be sacrificed to end this punishment. In his mind is to fight the monster in the maze and kill him, but there is a problem. He doesn’t know how to get out of the labyrinth. This young man named Theseus makes his way to the architect of this labyrinth Daedalus. Daedalus recommends taking a ball of yarn and attaching it to a point at the entrance of the labyrinth. In this way, the young warrior can follow the rope out of the maze.

ikarus efsanesi ve dedalus

Theseus enters the labyrinth, kills the monster, and leaves the maze as a hero. The daughter of King Minos, who falls in love with this hero, escapes to this young man and leaves the island together.The King is very angry about this.

Icarus and Daedalus’s Conviction Years


King Minos understands that Daedalus is sharing the secret of the labyrinth and punishes Daedalus for the second time. The architect of the labyrinth Daedalus and his son Icarus are punished by living in a very high tower in the middle of the maze, even the architect does not know how to get out of this labyrinth. In the tower, Daedalus doesn’t stop in producing ideas and starts to make new plans every day to escape from that tower. And one day Daedalus realizes that the only way out of that tower is to fly. Daedalus starts to observe the birds flying around the tower and tries to discover the secret of flying. After a quite long time, Daedalus discovers what he has to do. By collecting the feathers left by the birds, he combines these feathers with wax. He makes wings to both himself and Icarus, and believes they can fly with these wings.

Neither Too Low, Nor Too High!

ikarus efsanesi ve dedalus

The father and son put their wings on their backs and are ready to fly. Before he jumped from the tower, Daedalus warns his son about something. Since wings are made of wax, they should not fly at too low and too high levels. Because if they fly too low, moisture will hamper the wings and prevent them from flying, if they fly too high, the sun will melt the wax and burn the wings.

After this warning they put their wings and put themselves in the air space. The young Icarus leaves himself to the pleasure of flying and begins to rise. Icarus, who forgets what his father says and gets caught by the magic of the sun, quickly starts flying towards the sun. As he soars, he approaches the sun, and the wax on his wings begins to melt. Icarus, which cannot realize that the wax is melting, rises more and the inevitable end takes place. The wax, which holds the wings of Icarus, melts, and the young man falls quickly and plunges into the sea. Icarus’ pursuit of pleasure by forgetting all boundaries eventually brings his death. Moreover, all this takes place in front of the father, Daedalus, but he can do nothing. That sea is now called “The Sea of Icarus”. 

Icarus’s Ascension Ambition and Results

The passion of Icarus reaching the sun cost him his life. Today, this ambition of Icarus is integrated with the desire of humanity to rise without borders. This story which demonstrates the importance of balance, knowledge and self-control, tells the humanity lots of things.

Icarus’s Story Inspired Us!

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Icarus’s desire to transcend the dangerous boundaries of the sun, and to die for this cause means many things to many people. As Icarus Global, we were impressed by Icarus’s journey to the sun and we drew a road map for ourselves.

Up to 20 years ago, companies were stuck in their own office space, trying to meet their needs with their own internal resources. While they were able to develop themselves in their original spheres, they shared the fate of Icarus, who lost both the cost and the labor force by avoiding resorting to external resources. Firms that were too scared to fly at high altitudes or dare to cross their limits were melting in the competition market.

At this point Ikarus Global is a representation of reaching the sky over the boundaries and achieving this through balance, knowledge and self-control. We don’t have to be trapped in the earth, but we know that when we cross the borders with balance and knowledge, we can reach things that are hard to reach. Companies need to discover that many of the services they need can reach outside of the office boundaries and that experts in their fields are not only in the offices, in the plazas. Icarus Global serves as a full need-oriented outsourcing acquisition team by adopting the principle of “neither too low, nor too high”. Click to get to know us better and to be informed about our services.