SEO! It’s a very cool abbreviation for some, and for some, it’s a very unimaginable concept!

So what is this SEO? What does it do? Why is it an indispensable concept in the most successful digital marketing operations? What can this thing called SEO give to companies?

Here’s the concept of SEO from A to Z and the advantages that come with it!

Google, The Supreme Oracle

Let’s start by asking you a few questions. What is the first thing you do when you have a question in your mind? When you go out on the street to eat in a city you don’t know, whose suggestions are you taking seriously? Whom do you go to for the recipe of herbal tea that will relax your throat when you are sick?

Although there are billions of people in the world, we all know that answers to these questions are the same. Of course Google! Google always comes to our rescue.

So What is Google’s Distinguishing Feature?

Have you ever thought about the answer to this question? How does Google pull out the information we need right in front of us from billions of information? How do we get exactly the results we want by clicking on 2-3 different sites on the first page in millions of pages? The answer to this question is precisely hidden in this abbreviation of 3 letters: SEO!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the simplest terms, it is a set of rules that make the content we prepare for the digital world, Google friendly. The contents prepared in accordance with these rules are referred to as Google-friendly. Google can accurately detect and analyze the contents prepared with SEO operations and show these contents more easily with its target audience. In short, SEO operations are the secret to being on the top of the page on Google.

What Can Companies Gain With The Right SEO?

You’ll Get First Place in Search Results

As Google is always aiming to provide the quality and correct results for its users, it is important to analyze the contents correctly. Content prepared according to SEO rules can be accurately analyzed and categorized by Google.

The Power of Keywords

Content with SEO attributes is prepared by choosing a keyword. For example, you want to prepare content about the latest fashion shoe models. With this piece, your aim to give information to the people who are curious about how to get them and what are their features. In this case, you need to determine which words people are searching for to reach this information. There are some tools helping SEO content producers identify these words. These words are called “the keyword” and they create the base of the content.

Google can analyze many details of your article, such as, how many times the keyword was used in the article, how the headlines in the content are made and which names given to used images. It gives your post a score according to how successful you are doing for an SEO operation. The higher this score is, the higher your rankings.

Improves the Reliability of Your Website

At first glance, you may be unable to establish a link between content and site reliability. We can give an example of everyday life to understand this. Think of a restaurant and think that this restaurant has certificates on hygiene, employee expertise, product quality in different food institutes. When you step into such a restaurant, as a customer, you are satisfied with the reliability of the food of this restaurant. SEO content is also like these certificates. Quality content that enhances user experience is a success certificate by Google. A website with successful SEO content moves to a more reliable point by Google.

What does it mean if Google trusts your site?

We are confident that you talk about the people you trust to other people with praise. And that’s exactly what Google does, moving you to the front row, doing more ads.

Your Visitor Count Increases

Another benefit of increasing the reliability of your site is the increase in the number of visitors to the site. If you rank high on Google, the number of site visitors will increase, which means that you will be able to bring more people to the service or product you offer. Moreover, thanks to SEO content, you can reach not only to your direct seeker but also indirectly to potential customers who may be customers.

Don’t say “I sell shoes. Different Units of Measure in the world does not concern me!”

Suppose you are a manufacturer of sports shoes. Let’s say that your website also offers your products for sale. Users can reach you by searching for your models or brand name on Google. What about those who don’t know your brand, who are looking for new brand and shoe models, who are in search of sneakers, but do not know what to pay attention to when buying sports shoes? That’s where SEO content comes into play. Thanks to Google, you can reach your potential customers with many different keywords by giving these users the right SEO content as the blog content on your site.

You can appear in the search results as an alternative answer when people ask Google; “What should I look for when buying sports shoes?” and with your article, you can direct the user to your own products.

Your Brand Image Strengthens

As you can see, SEO content increases your Google score and brings your site to a more reliable point, bringing you together with more users. This will increase your recognition and strengthen your brand image. Nowadays, just as people’s social media profiles are helping us to get our first impressions about them, websites and site contents are helping us to get our first impressions about the brands. The richer your site is and the more it comes across to users in the related Google search results, the more positive your feedback will be.

Your Profit Will Increase

Of course, as a result of all these positive contributions, a financial gain should be mentioned. Strengthening the brand image, reaching more potential customers, and having a website trusted by Google will also bring profit with it.
Remember that one of the golden rules of marketing is based on the fact that money will not be earned without spending money. The budgets you will allocate for SEO operations will bring you many advantages.

How to Reach SEO Content Producers?

Nowadays, producing SEO content is, unfortunately, a rather oversimplified concept. Many people claim that they can produce SEO content, and there are advertisements for this on many digital platforms. We would like to point out that generating SEO content requires serious knowledge and experience. Each content contains different rules and steps to be taken.

If you want to get turnout from your SEO operations, you should work with experts. We would like to present to you our professional content producers as Ikarus Global. Click to get more information!