Working as a freelancer sounds very cool especially to office workers. We can say that freelancers have a rosy picture. They can decide where, when, and how they can work and they do not have problems with the authority created by the office hierarchy. But there are some issues freelancers should pay attention to as well. 

Here’s what freelancers should pay attention to.

Know Yourself Well

working as a freelancer

As with any job, freelancers to know themselves and their abilities accurately is very important. Skipping this step, like many, leads to difficulties in work and personal life. If you define the things that you can and cannot do correctly, you can get work done more efficiently.
When you define your skills and way of working, the pleasure you get from the work you do will increase. This will lead to increased productivity.
Productivity aside, when you know your skills, you can sell yourself and your services to your potential buyers more effectively.

Create A Portfolio

working as a freelancer

As we talked about knowing yourself, now it is time for introducing yourself correctly. It is essential that you create a portfolio so that your customers can better recognize you and your business.

What Should Be In The Portfolio?

First of all, you need to talk about the pieces of training you have received and how you developed yourself. Additionally, the works you have done so far, the brands and names you are working with must be in your portfolio. You can also prepare your portfolio in a form that suits your professional skills. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you should also have a distinctive portfolio design or a content writer should not express him/herself in the words that everyone uses.

Prepare Your Digital Profile

working as a freelancer

Remember, we live and work in the digital world. Therefore, the portfolio concept is not just a pdf file. You should also work diligently on your profiles on digital platforms.

Which Platforms Should Freelancers Use?

You must choose the right platforms according to your area of ​​expertise. For example, one of the first sites a freelance graphic designer should visit is On such platforms, you can share not only the companies you work with but also your own work.

Moreover, these platforms are not only places where you can share your work, but also places for you to make new connections. You can meet others who work like you, exchange ideas and establish new business contacts. In addition, you can stay connected to the developments in the area you are working on, thanks to these platforms.

Nowadays, when we meet or hear a person’s name, one of the first things we do is to write the name of the person to Google and press the search button. You are in control of the information can be found about you on digital platforms. Therefore, a little more attention to digital profiles is required!

Follow The Developments Closely

working as a freelancer

The digital world is constantly at the centre of new developments and changes. It can sometimes be hard to follow these developments as a freelancer. To adapt to the changing demands of your potential customers and to not fall behind your colleagues, you should always stay informed of the good or bad developments in your area.

Establish A Trust Relationship With The Companies You Work With

working as a freelancer

Although there are many advantages to working freelance, there are also disadvantages. In some cases, it may be more challenging for freelancers to reach new customers or maintain business relationships with existing customers. To facilitate these elements is mostly up to you. You can easily overcome this obstacle if you establish a relationship based on trust with your customers and the companies you work with.

How To Establish A Trust Relationship?

working as a freelancer

Trust is a two-sided feeling, but in this article, we will talk about how freelancers can provide confidence.
First of all, you should be open to the opposite side from the beginning. You can easily see that if you introduce yourself correctly, share what you do and will do, the other person will develop an honest attitude towards you. Providing continuous information about the processes, giving your customer positive or negative feedback on the work will allow the other party to think that the job is taken seriously.

Predefine All the Terms

working as a freelancer

This is usually skipped, but it’s a pretty important issue for a freelancer. As we mentioned above, establishing a mutual trust relationship is crucial. For this trust to be formed, the parties need to know each other well as the work they do. To prevent any surprises that may occur during the work process and damaging the trust relationship, discussing all the conditions while the business agreement is made is essential. 
-Full description and the content of the work
-Delivery dates
-Payment methods
-Alternative plans to implement in the event of a setback must be discussed at the beginning.
This way, both parties will have full knowledge of the work. And the trust relationship will be established in a healthier way.

Moreover working this way can make you a freelance service provider recommended by the companies and names you work with.

Inform Your Partner About the Process

working as a freelancer

Not communicating enough is a mistake that many freelancers do. Most of the time, with the habit of having a job in a digital environment, the parties only communicate with each other at the beginning and end of the work. This causes the customer not to have enough information about the work process. To prevent this, you should establish continuous communication during the process. If you periodically declare at which stage the works are in progress, the employer can establish control over the process.

Watch out!

You don’t have to tell your client every step you take. If you overdo it, you can overwhelm your customer and make them think that you are an amateur. Don’t go overboard! It is enough to let them know that you are working on the job and that everything is in order.

Create Your Job Calendar Before You Start

working as a freelancer

One of the best things about freelance work is the freedom to control time compared to office workers. Freelancers can make decisions more freely about when, where and how they will work, and they can easily slack off while planning their time. To avoid this, always create a business calendar before you start a job and set your deadlines. Set your interim delivery dates before the deadline. This allows you to complete the job in stages.

You should also include emergency plans in your business calendar. These plans can play a life-saving role in the event of a setback.