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Increase Your Capacity Without Increasing Your Office

Customer Experience

Customer Services

The best way to increase the sectoral spread and customer experience you need is exactly here! You can personalize the service you will receive at any time and have the chance to get full support on many Content Management Systems (CMS) and in areas such as Live Chat, E-Mail, Social Media Message channels with our professional Customer Service team.

Customer Success Management

We want to make you experience the real customer experience! Properly directing and managing expectations is also one of the most important steps of achieving a work. The correct intervention should be on time and you should always proceed with a measurable system. We aim to offer you an efficient customer success management with our Ikarus employees.

Technical Support

Need technical support? Or do you want to give your customers technical support about your products? You’re at the right place. You can personalize all this technical support and get what you want with our Ikarus professionals!

Social Media

Are you at the beginning of the road yet? Want to be more visible on Social Media? Want to move your existing social media accounts to a professional point? You can easily reach your goals with our strategic social media management operations. Let Ikarus Professionals carry you to the sky.

Translation and Localization

Translation Services

Our team members who have experience in translation on different fields, expert about localization and all graduated from relevant departments of their universities are exactly here for you! The world is too big to fit in one language!

Content Control

Your content is ready! You don’t have to worry about if everything is alright. Don’t have any doubts about the spelling rules. Ikarus Global team brings you together with the highest quality content.


How about integrating the values ​​of your brand with the values ​​of your target audience? If yes, Ikarus Global is here for you! You can learn the necessary services for the promotion of your brand in accordance with the values ​​of your audience thanks to our expert staff and easily reach the required service.


It is the age of opening up to new worlds! If you want to see your local company in brand new markets, but don’t know what steps should be taken, you can consult us.


Graphic & Web Design

We know the importance of a quality design and a correct visual language. We work hard as Ikarus Global to present your corporate identity with the most appropriate designs for your target audience. We invite you to create your visual identity with our graphic and web design services.

Content Creation

Can’t decide how to introduce yourself to your users and audience? Are you having trouble creating the right contents? Don’t worry, our team is here to create content that fits your corporate identity!

Strategic Campaign Management

Great ideas can only get to the point they deserve when combined with the right strategic campaign management. With this awareness, our team plans every step of your campaign for you and brings together the right steps.

Social Media and Marketing

Advertising Operations

Is it more important for your ads to reach a lot of people, or to reach people who are less, but potential customers? We know the answer to this question and we manage your digital advertising operations.

Inside Sale

We’re here if you have questions about how to establish a trustworthy relationship with your virtual customers who have reached you by phone, e-mail or digital means. We are here to ensure customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of pre-sales processes.

Data Management

In this information age that we live, how this information is used is of great importance. You can also consult us about how you can evaluate your customer and market data. Our teams analyze your data for you and provide you with a more efficient market share with accurate data management.

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

We always keep your interaction level high thanks to appropriate  social media strategies for your brand’s target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the age of Google! What you need to do to be on the top of Google searches and appear before your target audience while standing out from your competition is simple! Consult us and improve both the reliability of your site and the quality of your content with SEO operations.

Market Analysis

We know that without knowing the competitors and the needs and preferences of the target audience an accurate marketing strategy cannot be carried out . We review and analyze existing markets and develop correct marketing strategies for you.